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Eastpointe Housing Commission

SENIOR HOUSING; affordable because it's income based!

Housing Assistance Programs

Housing choice vouchers (hcv)

This program uses private sector housing to house low income families and  provides a rent subsidy to the landlord on behalf of the family.   Eastpointe Housing Commission administers 171 Housing Choice Vouchers throughout Macomb County.  New clients must live in the jurisdiction for one (1) year before porting out.  

Every housing commission adopts payments standards based on current funding.  

Effective  April 17, 2019, our payments standards are as follows:                                                  

                                                                                                                                           1 Bdm =$753

                                                                                                                                           2 Bdm = $967

                                                                                                                                           3 Bdm = $1,261

                                                                                                                                           4 Bdm = $1,371

In addition, every housing commission adopts their own subsidy standards based on current funding.   A subsidy standard is used to determine what bedroom size voucher the family will be issued.  In accordance with our Administrative Policy,  EHC assigns the Head of Household a bedroom of their own, and uses two (2) heartbeats per bedroom to determine the rest

PORTABILITY:   The Eastpointe Housing Commission is currently BILLING ported in vouchers.    

For more information,  email our HCV staff at : ehcs83@eastpointehousing.com  

WAITING LIST:  At this time, the HCV waiting list is CLOSED.   EHC will advertise on the websites listed below when this program  is ready to accept applications.     HOWEVER, before our wait list opens, we will advertise at least thirty (30) days in advance through the Housing Community network’s “Section 8 alert”  AND on the affordablehousingonline.com website.  These sites offer e-mail and/or text messaging to alert people about Section 8 HCV waiting lists that are scheduled to open.  We suggest you visit these sites and register your e-mail and/or phone number to receive these alerts.

LANDLORDS:  If you are interested in registering your property with our HCV program, please contact our Section 8 dept at 586-445-5099 Ex#2. 

Public Housing

Our buildings are located on 3.5 beautifully landscaped  acres of property, which include an on-site walking track, resting areas, multiple picnic patios, horseshoe pits, and a sheltered smoking area. 

In the winter, our community offers a recreation area with a pool table, shuffle board and dart board.  OR sit beside our fireplace and chose a book from our many bookshelves full of books.  Perhaps you would like to relax in front of our big screen TV or play a game on the computer.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, mosey on over to the beauty salon and get your hair done.  Wherever your interests lie, you will always find something to do or someone to talk to at one of our friendly, comfortable common areas. 

Our structures have secured entrances and the parking lots / building common areas are fully  equipped with  security cameras.  

In addition, our buildings are 100% SMOKE-FREE!  Residents are not allowed to smoke inside apartments or anywhere within the buildings. There are smoking lounges located outside the buildings for visitors who smoke.

 Monthly rent amounts range anywhere from a minimum of $50 per month in rent to a maximum of $727.00 per month because the rent is based on a person’s income. 

Preferences are given Eastpointe residents and to persons 62+ years old. 

WAITING LIST:  The public housing wait list is accepting applications from low income persons 50+ years of age.  We give a preference to those persons 62+ and older.  To receive an application, please contact our office at 586-445-5099 Ex#1

Senior Housing Options

Erin Manor Apartments


Berry Manor Apartments


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